Avoid the Negatives In Life

Avoid the Negatives In Life

I went with my Mom to a Medical Acupuncturist, Dr. Alfonso Lagaya, who was a recommendation of my Reiki Healer, Dra. Jo Bilasano last Thursday. My Mother was having body pains which were unusually intense. Unless it’s a medical emergency, my first go-to doctor to solve a problem is always an alternative medicine doctor.

When we arrived at Dr. Lagaya’s clinic at 1:30 pm, it turned out we had a major miscommunication with the good doctor about the schedule. He wasn’t expecting us until Friday afternoon. But since we were there already and eager to learn something new about our health & wellness, he said he would just squeeze us in if his other patients didn’t arrive. We were seated in front of a TV that was playing the afternoon roster of Filipino telenovelas.

Since I haven’t owned a TV for fourteen years now, I sat there and watched, both amused & bewildered, the TV shows that millions of people get addicted to in the afternoons & evenings. The massive drama in these telenovelas! I ended up half-watching (I could hear the characters even if I wasn’t 100% focused on the TV anyway) two back-to-back telenovelas before we were done with the pre-treatment orientation, treatment and post-treatment analysis. I will write about Dr. Alfonso Lagaya another time.

These telenovelas involved a handful of negative themes ranging from high-drama, yelling, crying, slapping, fist-fighting, deceit, cheating, violence and the list goes on and on….. I felt extremely disoriented after watching those two shows. It just didn’t sit very well with me.

Avoid The Negatives In Life

What am I driving at with that observation? If our daily diet is filled with repeated consumption of food, books, music, TV shows, movies, news and conversations that are negative, how can that possibly contribute to an overall state of health, wellness and happiness? IT CANNOT.

We are what we consume, particularly in social media nowadays which has been the go-to source of people for their daily newsfeed. During times like these, we have to be even more vigilant about we constantly expose ourselves to day in and day out. Especially, if we have little children in the household.

Non-stop negativity cannot be good for the spirit. Avoid it at all costs! You absolutely don’t need it, ever. There are enough beautiful, wonderful and inspiring things to give your attention to, without making yourself naive and out of touch with reality.

Make it natural, make it easy,