Easy Cures Workshop For Seniors



A First Public Service Project

I have a soft spot in my heart for older people. I can only imagine what they feel like when they go through the ageing process that all of us will eventually go through in our lives. It is my hope that their minds, bodies and spirits remain strong in their senior years. Of course, I have the same hope for ours…..


On Saturday, November 12 at 2 pm, Easy Cures & the Retired Lasallian Partners (care of my Senior high school teacher/advisor, Mrs. Becky Telen) brought together Charmaine Cu-Unjieng of the Art of Living Foundation & Yoga For Life and Sabrina Artadi of Sabrina’s Kitchen for a Health, Wellness and Happiness Workshop for Seniors. This was a free, public service project of Easy Cures hosted at De La Salle-Zobel in Ayala Alabang. And it was also the first health, wellness and happiness Workshop of Easy Cures.

Tina Vitas Sharing Her Story 


Tina is an alumni of De La Salle-Zobel, a holistic lifestyle advocate and a serial entrepreneur.

Tina is sharing the story about how Easy Cures started. Tina says YES to natural remedies and allowing the body to heal itself first, when possible. Western medicine should not be completely discounted because it also has its proper place in healing.

Class On Breathing, Yoga & Meditation 


Charmaine is a volunteer for the Art of Living Foundation, an international movement that aims to unite society by strengthening peace within oneself using yoga and meditation techniques. She is also the co-founder and Chairman of Yoga for Life, a non-profit organization that uses yoga and meditation as a complementary therapy for people affected by HIV and AIDS.

Charmaine says YES to stretching, breathing, meditation and moving, at any age…..


Live Demo Of Easy Salad Recipes


Sabrina Artadi is a De La Salle Zobel alumni, former beauty queen turned corporate executive and celebrity chef of the TV show, Sabrina’s Kitchen.

Sabrina says YES to using local, healthy ingredients for your salad like pechay, ashitaba and pansit-pansitan…..

Thank You To Our Teachers


Photo Credits: Weng Telen