Healthy Holidays With Easy Cures!

Healthy Holidays With Easy Cures!

No-fail every time of the year….. Once December rolls around, my body adjusts to the lower temperature and the frenetic pace of the holiday season. This year, I was very lucky that I recovered quickly from my Christmas bout with congestion, sore throat, cough & colds.

I was naturally aggressive with my combat gear this December. It was a combination of taking 3,000 mg of VitaGreen-C (taken 1,000 mg 3x/day), gargling with Easy Cures Himalayan Pink Salt & warm water and drinking hot calamansi juice with Easy Cures Wild Honey. My homeopathic doctor, Dra. Marissa Torre, also added Cold Away and herbal cough medicine. I also tried to get a lot of rest. By the way, we are already out of stock of the Vitagreen-C and will restock next year.

I’m sure all of you are in the thick of the celebrations this very festive season. I hope, inspite of the hectic holidays, you are still taking the time to recharge and rest somehow.

If you need any last minute holiday gifts, Easy Cures is here for you.

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