My Word Of The Year In 2017- RISE

My Word Of The Year In 2017- RISE

The Word Of The Year Last Year

Pantone comes out with a Color Of The Year. I, meanwhile, have my own version of that which is my Word of the Year.

At the beginning of last year (2016), the word that resonated with me as the theme for the entire year was ALLOW. Not too surprising that such a word spoke to me since I had already been doing yoga for almost a year and guided meditation for a few months. I had also attended a 3-day Buddhist Mindfulness Retreat in Tagaytay which was led by Brother Phap Kham, the Senior Director for Asia-Pacific of Plum Village. Plum Village was founded by one of my favorite authors of all time, Vietnamese Buddhist monk & global spiritual leader, Thich Nhat Hanh. I recognized that one of my greatest strengths is my attention to detail. The flipside of that quality, taken to the extreme, was also my greatest weakness….. My need for control.

Looking back at 2016, I would have to say that I have become, in 12 months, much more allowing of the Divine Guidance to take charge of my life. This has resulted in a crisper level of clarity about my next steps at every turn and the acceptance of the details of how things will proceed in my life. It was also coupled with an easier forgiveness of people who disappointed or hurt me, according to my perspective. As such, there was notably a more graceful flow in my life in 2016. Nothing felt forced or rushed; things just somehow fell naturally into place. I have Madonna English’s Sat Nam Shala partially to thank for that kind of “allowing”…..

The Word Of The Year This Year – RISE

In 2017, Pantone chose The Greenery as the color of year. What an appropriate choice for the times we live in. In 2017, the word that came to me the first day I wrote on my daily Gratitude Journal, without prompting was RISE. Easy Cures officially started around May 2016. I always had the desire to have a business that I could treat as: 1) a hobby because it was fun & enjoyable; 2) a business because it was profitable; and 3) an advocacy because it contributed to the greater good of society (in this case, making lives healthier,  better and happier, one Easy Cures customer at a time). Easy Cures was all those three to me. After a few attempts at different types of businesses ranging from food, to fashion, to retail, to education, I knew I had found my calling at the young age of 47. The bonus on top of it was that Easy Cures, my new start-up online store, seamlessly integrated into my lifestyle. They were cosmically aligned!

Why RISE? In 2017, I felt in my heart that I now had to take Easy Cures forward to a higher level and rise to the occasion. That I had to share its message of using natural remedies as a part of holistic living to more people. That I should encourage more people to try natural remedies as an alternative to popping pills and use natural remedies as the first, go-to solution to health issues that are non-life threatening. That I should teach people to listen to the wisdom of their own bodies and learn what those bodies are trying to communicate to them about self-care. That I should remind people that health & wellness are even more about prevention than they are about cure. That I should engage more people on social media to create our supportive Easy Cures community. That I should discover more natural products that I and my Mother have personally tested and approved to add to the store, over time. That I should partner with more like-minded individuals, groups & businesses so that we can create bigger and more involved communities together.

My Views On Western Medicine

For the record, I just wanted to say that I am not anti-Western medicine. I believe that Western medicine has its proper place in healing. Having said that, people should be aware that they have alternatives to Western medicine that may be as effective, but not as intrusive on our bodies and not have as many side effects. To say that Western medicine is bad or negative would do injustice to the achievements in that field. Some of the diseases that plagued entire populations in the past have been eradicated or minimized due to such advances in modern medicine.

As a proponent of natural remedies, I wish to remain responsible and practical. After treating a condition for some time with natural remedies, especially under the guidance of an alternative doctor, and your condition deteriorates, by all means find another alternative that will work better for you for that particular situation. Perhaps at another time, your body will react differently. Take it on a case to case basis. But always be vigilant about your health.

I have learned in life that we can mix & match certain practices & procedures for our maximum benefit. I think Western medicine, in the last few decades, has begun to respect the contribution of practices like acupuncture, meditation, yoga and spirituality to overall healing. For example, with advanced MRI technology, researchers can now track how meditation affects our brains. If we can find ways to make these modalities work together, we are all the better for it! That is for certain!

Come And Join Me

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Make it natural, make it easy,