Kate And The Academy of Complementary & Alternate Healing Arts

Kate And The Academy of Complementary & Alternate Healing Arts

I am…..

My name is Kate and I am a student, a seeker and observer and participant of life, of energy.

What I do…..

I am in love with every aspect of healing and wellness specifically from the natural world (elements).  I believe in multiple systems and gifts from the universe.

If action speaks louder than words then it would be telling that I am in awe of the human body (all of it physical, astral, causal). My Mother Luth  is from Pampanga and we grew up with healers (manghihilots/albularios/oration). We were spoiled with massages from a very young age, so it was only natural that my longing to understand the how’s and why’s was full on.

I was fortunate enough to find great teachers when I was only 19. When young girls were shopping, I spent all my funds on studying more. In the last decade and a half, I have been teaching spa therapists different forms of massage and body work. Simultaneously, my need to understand the deeper spiritual side of our bodies connection brought me to Yoga.

Share more details with us…..

My first teacher’s training was 10 years ago with Sivananda at Uttarkashi in The Himalayas. I have since continued my studies with multiple branches. I am grateful to all, to provide my students with what they need through Rebel Yoga Mama.

I am ITEC (British governing body) certified Aesthetician, Holistic Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist. I studied Aromatherapy with the renowned Eve Taylor, Sivananda and Yogaworks Yoga Teacher. I learned multiple massage therapies with amazing teachers around the world.

I use all the knowledge and experience I am fortunate to have today to teach underprivileged Mothers in our beautiful country. Life can be so difficult and I hope that mindfulness, calmness and skills keep them learning and earning with me. Together, we can help be a better Philippines. One that brings back the love, care and compassion for one another. To reactivate  our collective EQ.

What we teach and practice is not difficult. With a sure heart and commitment, with time it is possible. If I can then anyone can. So why not teach our underprivileged Moms?

We (my angel investors and I) love the idea that in our lifetime we will have amazing educated healers in our country. This time, not just the gifted healers, but the learned ones.

In Yoga we have the Yamas and Niyamas. The dos and do not dos in life. Mindful bodywork is a wonderful service to aid those in need of touch and aid in energy flow.

As children,  we are cradled. As adults, we need to feel love and have a safe space to rest, heal & recharge.

It’s an important part of holistic living because…..

The Healing Arts Academy/Rebel Yoga Mama/Leelu Spas (soon to be launched) are sacred spaces of learning and healing. It is prayer in movement.

Would you believe our back office is a cement factory? Who would have thought I’d find my happy place in what looks like a construction site? The universe likes to play and we must keep our wellness with a great sense of humor.

We are opening up our YAYA MASSAGE WORKSHOPS starting with a basic foot massage. It’s a 1 day 6-hour course and Yaya will learn to set up a little home spa corner, do a foot soak and a 30-60 minute relaxing foot massage. Cost is P3,000 but we have a “Buddy rate” of P5000 for 2 Yayas.

In addition, if you are thinking of going into the spa business, Kate is available to guide you. She has the depth of knowledge & experience to make sure that setting up your business will be hassle-free for you. She just recently set up The Recovery Spa in Pasig, Terra Spa at Discovery Spa in Pasig, Spa at Peacock Garden in Bohol and Amuma Spa at Maribago Blue Water in Cebu. Please send your inquiries to kate@iwellnesss.com.

And in case you’re interested in the first Floating Pod in the country, it’s in The Recovery Spa at the Upper Deck.

Float all your worries away at the Recovery Spa. 😌Some floatation pod benefits:Stress reliefBetter sleepPain…

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